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Dragon City Guide: Complete Dragon Breeding Guide in Dragon City

Time to learn how to breed dragons in Dragon City Facebook game. Here is a Complete Dragon Breeding Guide in Dragon City!

One of the unique game features of Dragon City is breeding dragons. Here is a Dragon City complete dragon breeding guide which will help you know how to breed all kinds of dragons in Dragon City. If you love playing with mythical creatures then you will surely love playing Dragon City Facebook game. Dragon city is a game where you can build and control a city of dragons. In playing it, you got to lean how to breed different kinds of dragons to make your city a powerful one.

Basic Dragon Breeding Information

Basic Dragon City breeding information that talks about how to breed dragon is taught during the tutorial. First you have to level your dragon via feeding it to at least level 4. Then build a building ground like the Breeding Mountain or the Breeding Tree, and from there you can select which dragon you would like to breed. It will take some time for the dragons to be able to create eggs, and hatching the egg also takes some time. Type of the dragon offspring is dependent on the parents. In addition to this, there is luck involve to get the dragon you are looking for.

Basic Breeding Dragons

To start breeding, you must have some basic breeding dragons. You can purchase these dragons from eggs as you do not have parent to generate these basic dragons.

  • Plant Dragon
  • Fire Dragon
  • Earth Dragon
  • Water Dragon
  • Electric Dragon
  • Ice Dragon
  • Metal Dragon
  • Dark Dragon

Generation 1 Breeding Dragons

A complete list of “Rank 1” dragons is located below where you can breed by using basic dragons in Dragon City.

Earth Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

dragon city earth dragon

Earth + Fire = Flaming Rock or Volcano.
Earth + Plant = Tropical or Cactus.
Earth + Water = Mud or Waterfall.
Earth + Electric = Star or Chameleon.
Earth + Ice = Alpine.
Earth + Metal = Armadillo.
Earth + Dark = Hedgehog.

Fire Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

dragon city fire dragon

Fire + Earth = Flaming Rock or Volcano.
Fire + Water = Cloud or Blizzard.
Fire + Plant = Firebird or Spicy.
Fire + Electric = Laser.
Fire + Metal = Medieval.
Fire + Dark = Vampire.

Water Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

dragon city water dragon

Water + Earth = Mud.
Water + Fire = Cloud or Blizzard.
Water + Plant = Nenufar or Coral.
Water + Electric = Lantern Fish or Storm.
Water + Ice = Icecube or Ice Cream.
Water + Metal = Mercury.

Plant Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

dragon city plant dragon

Plant + Earth = Tropical.
Plant + Fire = Firebird or Spicy.
Plant + Water = Nenufar or Coral.
Plant + Ice = Dandelion or Mojito.
Plant + Metal = Jade.
Plant + Dark = Carnivore Plant or Rattle Snake.

Electric Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

dragon city electric dragon

Electric + Earth = Star or Chameleon.
Electric + Fire = Laser.
Electric + Water = Lantern Fish or Storm.
Electric + Metal = Golden Or Battery.
Electric + Dark = Neon.

Ice Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

dragon city ice dragon

Ice + Earth = Alpine.
Ice + Water = Icecube or Ice Cream.
Ice + Plant = Dandelion or Mojito.
Ice + Medal = Platinum.

Metal Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

dragon city metal dragon

Metal + Fire = Medieval.
Metal + Water = Mercury.
Metal + Ice = Platinum.
Metal + Plant = Jade.
Metal + Electric = Golden or Battery.
Metal + Dark = Zombie.

Dark Dragon Hybrid Generation 1

dragon city dark dragon

Dark + Earth = Hedgehog.
Dark + Fire = Vampire.
Dark + Plant = Carnivore Plant Or Rattle Snake.
Dark + Electric = Neon.
Dark + Ice = Penguin.
Dark + Metal = Zombie.
Dark + Mud = Poo

Generation 2 Dragon Breeding – Hybrid Rare

The list below includes generation 2 dragon that is possible using the generation 1 bread. Take note that chances are not 100%.

Mud (Earth + Water) + Dark = Poo.
Medieval (Fire + Metal) + Alpine (Ice + Earth) = Cool Fire Or Soccer Or Pearl Or Armadillo Or Flaming Rock
Neon (Dark + Electric) + Nenufar (Water + Plant) = Pirate.
Zombie + Mud (Earth + Water) = Petroleum.
Laser (Fire + Electric) + Dandelion (Plant + Ice) = Gummy or Fluorescent or Laser.

Special Tip:

  • Cool Fire Dragon can also be bred via Laser (Fire + Electric) and Dandelion (Plant + Ice), Firebird and Ice Dragon.
  • Armadillo Dragon can also bred via: medieval + alpine, pearl + alpine, jade+star, Zombie + Mud, and Pearl + flaming rock dragon
  • Gummy Dragon can also be bred via: Firebird + fluorecent, firebird + star, Jade + star, and neon + nenufar dragon
  • Pirate can also be obtained from: Rattlesnake + lanternfish and neon + cloud dragon.

Take note that Medieval + Alpine dragon is one of the best dragon breeding formula in Dragon City because of its ability to bred different types of hybrid rare dragons.

Generation 3 Dragon Breeding – Legendary

In breeding legendary dragons, you have to rely heavily on your luck as legendary dragons are pretty rare. Here are some of the breeding combinations you can use to breed legendary dragons in Dragon City.

Legendary Dragon – Cool Fire Dragon + Soccer Dragon
Crystal Dragon – Coolfire + Soccer
Mirror Dragon – Gummi Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon
Wind Dragon – Gummi Dragon + Cool Fire Dragon

Dragon City Opposing Element Breeding Guide

You cannot breed dragons with opposing elements directly however you can still use hybrid dragons that contains the opposing elements to breed. Take note that in using hybrid dragons, you may not be able to get your target dragon 100% of the time.

Being a good dragon breeder in Dragon City, you must knowledgeable on how to breed dragons and what type of dragons you will use in order to create your target dragon. Having legendary dragons in Dragon City is really quite a feat as you must have a strong luck to be able to obtain one.
Hope this complete Dragon breeding guide in Dragon City help you in your Dragon City game.

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