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Dragon City Guide: Dragon City Tournament Guide

Here is a Dragon City Tournament guide that will tackle everything you wanted to know about Dragon’s Tournaments and effectiveness of an element against different element.

In Dragon City Facebook game, you can enter your team of 3 dragons to fight in a tournament after you have build a stadium. The basics of the tournament battle is simple: both you and your opponent have two or three number of dragons on your side. Both of you take turns attacking the opposing dragon, doing damage, until one team has lost all of its dragons and is defeated.

Dragon City Tournament

Here are a few things to remember about the Dragon City Tournament

  • You can switch the dragons in your team, but this will cost you a turn.
  • You can play the tournament once every 12 hours.
  • Leveling your dragons will unlock much stronger attacks.
  • If you want an extra challenge and have battled in the stadium, just click on the globe icon and choose combat “VS combat world” to try out your skills against other players.
  • You may compete in the Combat World, three times every 6 hours.
  • Even if you lose a fight, you will not lose your dragon. So do not fear being defeated.

Dragon City Earth Tournament

The strength and effectiveness of a dragon attack, depends on the element of the attack, and the element of the dragon being attacked. For example, when using a Fire attack on an Ice Dragon, the attack will count as a critical attack since those are opposite elements. “Critical Attack” in Dragon City, does 2x damage. A normal attack does 1x damage, a weak attack does half damage, and a “no effect attack” does no damage.

Dragon City Elements

For hybrid dragons, the first element shown in its statistics will be the element that determines its stregths and weaknesses. The chart below shows the effectiveness of each element against other element. There are cases that the effectiveness might be a bit different, however this is a good general rule of thumb.

Dragon City Effectiveness of element

To be great in Dragon City tournament, you have to know its basics and general information about it like the time you can join the tournament. This Dragon City guide will certainly help you gain knowledge about the Dragon City Tournament and the elements strenghts and weaknesses. Hope you have enjoyed reading this guide. Have fun playing Dragon City Facebook game.

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