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Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheats

Looking for Marvel Avengers Alliance cheats? Welcome the Marvel Avengers Alliance, the newest Facebook game by Marvel Entertainment! This Facebook game offers a whole new exciting adventures of game playing. In this game, you will act as an S.H.I.E.L.D. agent. Your duty is to create, assemble, and lead your own team of super heroes, in order to keep the New York City free and safe from an unknown threat that is coming. Friends can be recruited to become your allies, so you can increase your power to save the world from super villains. The Marvel Avengers Alliance is the newest Facebook RPG that will rock your world.

The world is undersiege. A mysterious of forces attracting super villains and making them stronger than ever. Welcome to S.H.I.E.L.D., the planet’s last line of defense against superhuman aggresives. Recruit and command the most powerful team of Avengers ever assembled. Take on the most notorious super villains in epic head to head showdowns, and become the greatest S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent of all time. Play the Marvel Avengers Alliance by Marvel Entertainment, only on Facebook.

marvel avengers alliance

Here are some Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheats and Guide to help you with the game.

1. Recruit and Train Heroes.

marvel avengers alliance recruit and train heroes

You’ll need to continue to recruit heroes to build the strongest team ever. Level-up and train you super heroes to unlock new abilities making you and your heroes much stronger.

2. Stack items in your inventory.

marvel avengers alliance items

You’ll be having access to S.H.I.E.L.D. supplies, use it to protect your heroes. Collect and buy the right supplies and have advantages in battle.

3. Don’t hesitate to battle and use your energy.

marvel avengers alliance energy

Battles cost energy, but it will reward you more. Don’t hesitate to use your energy, except if you are saving it for something, as it will be refilled in time.

4. Team-up with other heroes.

marvel avengers alliance team-up

Teaming up with other heroes will make battles easier. This is your chance to try out heroes you are wanting to put in your team.

5. Use classes as an advantage.

marvel avengers alliance classes

Learn to strategize your moves depending on your heroes classes. Super heroes and villains are categorized into five different classes: Blaster, Bruiser, Scrapper, Infiltrator, and Tactician.

6. Use Distress Calls wisely.

marvel avengers alliance distress calls

Distress calls can be used to call for backups when you are in battle. Your allies can give you distress calls, which can help you win more battles.

7. Observe some hidden missions.

marvel avengers alliance hidden missions

Hidden epic boss fights can be done by finishing all map events.

8. Send heroes using Flight Deck

marvel avengers alliance flight deck

Flight Deck can be used to send some heores to earn silver or do some remote operations. Silver can be used to buy gear and supplies.

9. Research is the key.

marvel avengers alliance research

By continuing to research some new technologies, you’ll be unlocking more powerful gears, which can be bought in the store.

10. Practice some PVP battles in the Training Room.

marvel avengers alliance pvp

This is you chance to test your heroes against your own allies. Practice some of your battle moves and move up in the leaderboard as you win battles in the Training Room.

Above are the Marvel Avengers Alliance Cheats and Guides to help you with your game. Ever dreamed of becoming a superhero? Then play the Marvel Avengers Alliance and get a chance to build your own lineup of superheroes.

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