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Marvel Avengers Alliance Guide: CP Farm Trick

Want to gain more CP in Marvel Avengers Alliance? Here is a CP Farm Trick Marvel Avengers Alliance Facebook game guide to help you boost your Command Points. CP or Command Points are used to unlock new heroes in the Facebook game. It can also be use to unlock alternate costumes for heroes like World War Hulk for the Incredible Hulk, or black costume for Spiderman. This Command Points farm trick will help you acquire more CP in the game. Use this CP farm trick to gain additional CPs without using other items. Learn how to get the most CP per energy spent with this Marvel Avengers Alliance guide. This is not a Marvel Avengers Alliance cheat but actually a trick which you can do repeatedly to gain CPs.

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Background on CP Farm Trick

In playing Marvel Avengers Alliance, the cricical hits have chance of gaining Marvel Avengers Alliance command points. The chance or percentage to gain command points or the CP drow are as follows: 1%/3%/6%/20%/25% (low/medium/high/mini-boss/boss). The Roulette command points reward has a chance of 15%/10%/5% for 1/3/5 CPs (3/5/10 if its epic). Because of this, it is best to farm CP in Marvel Avengers Alliance epic boss fights.

Best Epic Boss to Farm Command Points

So who is the best epic boss to farm CP? The best epic boss to farm CP early is in Chapter 2-3: Elektra (deploy Black Cat). This is the best as you can unlock this epic boss early in Marvel Avengers Alliance game, and with this you can use Elektra to farm all your CP needs.

Command Points Farming Trick

In order to farm CP well. you need to hit and land critical attacks in epic boss fight as often as you can. Use weapons that can deal many attacks in one attack like the Batstone. You can also use a weapon that can hit all the enemy to maximize the number of hits possible. For heroes you can use, use Daredevil or Human Torch as there attacks deal multiple attacks on enemy. In farming CP, the Marvel Avengers Alliance class you should avoid is the infiltrator. As enemy scrappers may kill you in the process.

You also must not use heroes that can win by accident. Lose repeatedly after obtaining the command points. So you can repeat the process and gain more and more command points. This Marvel Avengers Alliance Guide CP Farm Trick will help you unlock new heroes with their alternate costumes fast.

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